Spindrift Shows Retailers the Future

The inaugural Conlumino Future Retail Strategies Congress took place in Kensington on the 10th and 11th September at the Copthorne Tara Hotel, with Spindrift proud to be one of its sponsors.

The congress is designed to explore in-depth how retailers can better harness developments in order to guide shoppers on their personal customer journey and provide insights on what the future may hold for both them and retailers themselves. Delegates from some of the biggest and most successful retailers in Europe, including John Lewis, Waitrose, Asda, Mothercare and Shop Direct to name but a few were in attendance, with a number of them invited to give presentations and share their thoughts and experience.

Throughout the two-day event, Spindrift had its own stand where we welcomed delegates to come and speak with us and learn about our company, our range of digital commerce services and our suite of ecommerce software solutions.


At Spindrift however, we like to do things a little differently. So rather than simply telling people what have been successfully doing for our clients, we also decided to show them what we can do. In keeping with the theme of the event and the presentation given by our director Michael Fasosin, we gave delegates the chance to experience for themselves the wearable devices that consumers might be using to shop with in years to come.

Utilising our Hypermedia API and Momentum ecommerce accelerator, our team of developers created two demos for the delegates to try out — one using Google Glass and the other an LG G smartwatch. Two wearable devices that represent the disruptive technology that we believe will help shape the future of retail.

It goes without saying that being the only company with a working Google Glass demonstration at the event caused quite a buzz, with many of the delegates knowing about the device, but never before having the opportunity to try it out. Costing the best part of £1000 and still far from being socially acceptable to wear, it’s easy to understand why.

Speaking on the first day of the congress, Spindrift Director and Co-Founder Michael Fasosin said:

Innovation and originality has always been at the core of what we do at Spindrift. One of the last things John Lewis MD Andy Street said during his keynote presentation was, “continue to be restless”. I couldn’t agree with him more. We have a passion for new technology and are always actively looking at new ways to leverage it to create new customer experiences for our clients. The Conlumino event not only marks another milestone on our company’s journey but provided us with the perfect setting to showcase our skills — both in IT and thought-leadership.

Conlumino1With Glass technology still very much in its infancy, the demo itself was rather rudimentary with respect to actual functionality. But was designed to simply create a narrative. A way for us to engage with delegates and share our insights into the range of different ways retailers can exploit Glass’s features to create or enhance customer journeys. Using a combination of voice recognition and simple finger swipe gestures, they were able to browse the Spindrift Store and view promotions and products. The images displayed to the user were mirrored onto a tablet and thereby enabled us to guide them through the process and also show other people what the user was seeing. The result inspired them to come up with and share their own insights into how their companies could use Google Glass as part of the omni-channel experience they provide for their customers.

Our smartwatch demo was designed to explore the theme of contextual commerce, where consumers are engaged with as a result of where they are at any given time and notifications are easily viewed on their wrist. With the LG watch synced to a tablet, a notification was sent to the wearable telling the user that a previously out of stock item on their wishlist is now available for purchase. The user could then swipe through the options displayed on the watch, allowing them to either view the product on the tablet or locate the nearest store. This helped them visualise and realise how wearables can create new customer journeys.

Throughout the event we received some really positive feedback from both the delegates and representatives Conlumino. They enjoyed playing with the new technology and were impressed with  the demonstrations we had created, with many of them leaving the event with new ideas as to what the future may hold for them.

Neil Saunders, Managing Director of Conlumino, said:

We were delighted to work with Spindrift on our first ever retail conference. Spindrift’s expertise in delivering best-in-class omni-channel solutions to retail and other industries was a welcome addition to the conference, not least because it one of the most important things retailers are currently thinking about.

Simon Evans, Copywriter and Technical Author