Spindrift Site Builder

Modify live content in less than 10 minutes

Simple, fast, efficient

A high-productivity, multi-site, website builder to complement Oracle Commerce. Spindrift Site Builder enables business users to quickly produce and deploy new web content, such as sites, pages and all the content within them. With a focus on usability, re-use, and flexible yet consistent styling. A pre-built library of front-end components that lowers the effort and expertise levels required to implement the front end.

Manage your own experience

Business flexibility and business agility

Spindrift Site Builder empowers business users with complete business and content control for their e-commerce platform. Fully utilising all the capabilities of the Oracle Commerce platform.

Empower your business

Create pages, change content, create micro-sites, add personalised content, change showcased products on department/category pages, modify layouts, change look & feel, modify SEO information, add descriptive URLs and add personalised content to pages.

… all without requiring involvement from IT

Lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO)

Reduce the overall TCO by taking control of your own content, with less dependency on external specialists, once the groundwork is in place.

Why our clients use Site Builder

Reduced time to market: Implementations and operations

Increased productivity: Do more with fewer, less technical staff

Increased profitability: Use advanced techniques, earlier faster and more easily


Tesco push many promotional and content changes live several times a day using Spindrift Site Builder. They also easily cache over 50% of Dynamic Pages in Akamai to help them deal with website peaks such as 'Black Friday' and 'Cyber Monday'.

Oracle ATG Extension

Spindrift Site Builder is an extension to ATG, which allows business users to manage the customer experience. It is also complementary to Oracle Experience manger as UI Rendering Engine.


Marketing & merchandising products on multiple sites across various channels.


It also enhances ATG’s out-of-the-box capabilities for SEO, URL generation and simplifies integration with Analytics and MVT solutions.

"I'm hysterically happy. It does everything that we want from the website"

Natalie Burrows, Tesco.com Marketing