Strategic Partnership

Tesco is the market-leader in the UK and one of the largest retailers in the world.

Firmly committed to being more than just a grocery store, it has invested heavily in its technology initiatives to strategically become a leading multichannel retailer.

Spindrift has had a long and productive relationship with Tesco since 2008, when we first provided design and architectural governance for its Oracle Commerce implementation. This successful collaboration between our teams resulted in Tesco becoming a design partner for our page and site management solution Spindrift Site Builder®. A solution that has been empowering Tesco and powering Tesco Direct ever since.

Over the years, Spindrift’s teams have successfully worked with Tesco on a number of initiatives. Our technology teams have integrated Oracle Commerce with Tesco’s legacy systems; our business consulting teams have created and executed Tesco’s business approach and trained its merchandising teams on how to effectively use the Site Builder solution; and our UX designers have helped design innovative, responsive user interfaces, that engage with Tesco’s customers across all available channels.