Prototyped, built and tested ACCELERATED

Delivered pre-built and primed for configuration, Momentum implements quickly and accelerates your digital commerce platform’s time to market.

30 weeks faster to market +

Reduces your implementation cost COST EFFECTIVE

With extensive development work built-in, Momentum’s out-of-the-box solution removes the expensive initial process of any large-scale digital commerce installation by consolidating best-in-class design and architecture.

Engineered for continuous improvement FEATURE RICH

Loaded with rich features, Momentum gives you the building blocks for flexible, immersive experiences across all devices. Its icon fonts, SVG graphics, standardised gestural controls, adaptive images and geo location help you create responsive interfaces to engage your customers. Momentum also incorporates powerful personalisation, search and analytics functionality, and optimisation across devices for both B2C and B2B. View Momentum’s full feature list.

Constant research and development FUTURE PROOF

Start at any size and build bigger. Intelligently engineered with simplicity as well as responsiveness in-mind, Momentum lets you add, replace and remove modules so that your platform grows along with your business, meaning you will never have to re-platform.