Digital Marketing Technology: don’t predict, build

If you’re into digital marketing technology, you would’ve come across numerous articles that forecast the next big thing. Some of these predictions at various levels of accuracy do come true, but an overwhelming percentage of those lists still hasn’t taken off.

Making predictions

You see, I grow my vegetables. If you ask me today, what dish I’ll be eating in summer based on the seeds I have today, I won’t be able to tell you. Not all my plants will yield healthy delicious crops. They ripen at different times of the year. The UK weather is unpredictable. And slugs! Gross. I hate slugs. There’re too many unknowns for me to promise a particular meal. I can only put in the attention from the beginning and be prepared to cook something totally unexpected. But that’s the future. It’s supposed to be full of surprises.

What really matters

Ideas, like seeds, need protection. Make sure the conditions and the environment where you incubate that idea are ideal for germination. Timing is everything too. Premature exposure to the elements can risk it being killed or worse, ignored. Too late and you may have to compete with other similar ideas. Either way, people lose interest, and you lose traction. Set up systems to protect your budding ideas from serious bugs that leach and drain the very life out of your hard work, but allow interactions with the beneficial ones that help pollinate and nurture.

Getting your hands dirty is also key. This behaviour is what differentiates the predictors from the builders of tomorrow. You can’t feel the moisture of the soil without sticking your fingers in it. Or prune undesirable branches without being scratched by sneaky thorns. Blood will spill, but it’s satisfyingly worthwhile. Only through bruised knees and soiled elbows, can you truly appreciate the progress of your idea to fruition.

Bringing it all together

At the right time of the year, you’ll lay all your labour of love on the kitchen table. Amazing as it is, you suddenly have ingredients for something even more spectacular. You start pairing the flavours together and fuse them over the hot stove. As you caramelise sugars and alter molecular fibres, you’ll radiate a fragrance so inviting that your neighbours start talking about it. Asking them over will be easy. Let them experience the delicious spread you have prepared since last winter. There’ll always be one that adds ketchup to everything. But that’s ok. Your creation’s an open buffet, and everyone can create their combinations.

What were once seeds are now a nutritious and delicious spread that brings people together. That’s a far more satisfying outcome than writing a top ten list of what it could be.

Finally, the future is here, and it’s delicious because you build it.

Edardy Sukayman, Associate Creative Director, Spindrift

Believer of many good things and eats all of them.