Accelerate your customer experience

Responsive Build Kit

Design and code in harmony

Best practice UX, Design and HTML - ready to go.

Our experience is your experience

We’ve designed, enabled and accelerated multiple global enterprise level Oracle Commerce projects. Through iterations of these multi-faceted projects and complex requirements, we have been able to refine and evolve our processes which include UX and responsive design patterns, technical frameworks and production methodologies... We then packaged it up for you to leverage and reuse.


Spindrift’s Responsive Build Kit combines User Experience, Visual Design and HTML Development into a unified and best practice library of UI elements, modules and templates.


Our focus has always been digital commerce which has allowed our teams to continuously build and perfect customer experiences that are designed specifically for Oracle/ATG commerce applications.


Using this library of pre-built, tested and optimised UI and design patterns will result in an accelerated delivery of a true best practice B2C digital retail experience.

Are you ready?

Modern development framework, configurable grid systems, responsive images, proven CSS and JS architectures and test driven development ready.

Responsive banner systems with dynamic text

All copy is indexible by search engines - easier maintenance and SEO optimisation and semantics. Designed and built for editability - lower production needs, faster "real-time" edits in marketing, merchandising and publishing workflows. Optimised for quick on-the-fly translation - no need for multiple graphic versions created by designers. Enhanced translation workflows.

Device tested

HTML kit, fully browser tested on multiple desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Optimised experience for all standard, expanding and future viewports.

User proven

User tested for an optimised intuitive shopping experience. Ongoing iterative improvements driven by monitoring live environments and functional html prototypes.

Built for agility

Optimised for agile design workflows in business operation. Extremely flexible system to support site wide updates quicker and more systematically. Improved delivery times for UI modifications to support MVT strategies.

Future proof, quick to integrate, SEO optimised.

Enable your teams with a modern modular UI kit optimsed for digital commerce experiences.

Test Driven Development Ready

Jasmine pre-configured for test driven development Provides a framework for TDD using jasmine and require.js Comes provisioned with boilerplate test templates Build Kit is ready to run custom written tests for future development Large Jasmine community and lots of documentation Run tests quickly and easily through the CLI as your team develops Can be integrated into a larger build process as part of continuous integration