Spindrift features in Econsultancy the Top 100 Digital Agencies

Spindrift Consulting Limited ranks 61 in +Econsultancy the Top 100 Digital Agencies 2014 and 14 in the Top Design & Build Agencies. Check out the full report at the Econsultancy Blog.


Spindrift Cruise Ibiza 2014

Jason Smith, a Commerce Major Account Manger for Oracle, was our keynote speaker at the 2014 Spindrift company meeting in Ibiza. Thanks to Spindrift’s long and close relationship with Oracle, Jason was able to give an overview of the current [...]


Spindrift team photo 2014

The 2014 Spindrift team photo was taken during the company meeting in Ibiza. To view all the photos from the event, both in and out of the boardroom, check out the Spindrift Ibiza 2014 group on FlickR.


Pixel Perfect – Flat Design is Not How it Works

Ignoring any server logic or database connections, and whether it be JSPs, ASPs or pure HTML5, a web page consists of markup that contains content, styling for fonts or images, and of course the content itself. It is not a flat [...]


The Purchase Fish

Image from “The Future Shopper: How changing shopper attitudes and technology are reshaping retial” white paper by The Futures Company and Kantar Retail.