The State of AI in Our Modern World

There is a notion that transformation is a single, big bang event as opposed to a continuous ever-evolving undertaking Just as we are in the midst of wrapping our heads around the digital transformation wave, the next wave, artificial intelligence [...]


Digital Marketing Technology: don’t predict, build

If you’re into digital marketing technology, you would’ve come across numerous articles that forecast the next big thing. Some of these predictions at various levels of accuracy do come true, but an overwhelming percentage of those lists still hasn’t taken [...]


Will Digital Commerce survive as we know it?

  “We are laying technology on top of our commerce platform in an effort to properly support the consumer’s journey and remain relevant against our competitors…” – Daniel Moure, We are in the middle of the Age of the [...]


Spindrift CodeDojo Day

We held our first kids CoderDojo coding day in the London office on the 24th January. Seven kids were in attendance aged between 7-13+. CoderDojo ( is a global network of volunteer-led, independent; community based programming clubs for young people. [...]


A/B testing enabling you to make informed design decisions

It’s not uncommon for ecommerce design to be heavily influenced by individual opinion. A/B testing provides a great way to enable you to make informed design decisions that can have a dramatic impact on business. Optimizely have a good article [...]


Spindrift Shows Retailers the Future

The inaugural Conlumino Future Retail Strategies Congress took place in Kensington on the 10th and 11th September at the Copthorne Tara Hotel, with Spindrift proud to be one of its sponsors. The congress is designed to explore in-depth how retailers [...]


Cool way of presenting a news story

This news story is a great use of the parallax scrolling technique. In this article it is used to actually provide extra information in a visual manner, rather than using the technique to simply WOW users with cool animations. In [...]


Digital is about to transform or destroy your business model

Are you ready for digital transformation? For a long time, the world of retail-commerce has been dominated by what I would call ‘retail dinosaurs’. The words online and digital were dirty to some of these folks. In their eyes, IT [...]


Personalising The In-Store Retail Experience [Infographic]

Retail TouchPoints have created created an infographic on how to personalise a shopper’s in-store experience: Every type of shopper prefers a more personal shopping experience. In fact, almost half (46%) of shoppers said they will buy more from a retailer [...]