Beyond London 2012

In 2012 London hosted the greatest Olympic and Paralympic Games in history. Now major cities around the world are looking to London as they prepare to host major sporting events. From next year’s Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Sochi to the Summer Games in Rio in 2016 and the Qatar Football World Cup in 2022, these huge events offer an opportunity for British companies to show their innovations and expertise.

Spindrift Director Michael Fasosin travelled with a group of British delegates and Mayor of London Boris Johnson to present to the Brazilian Olympic Committee on how businesses can reap the most benefits from the upcoming Games. Commenting on the event through technology and innovation. Fasosin said:

“Spindrift is excited to fly the flag for UK Digital businesses globally. We’ve been extending our footprint into emerging markets already. We know that British businesses have a great reputation in emerging markets and we’re proud of our track record working in Russia with MVideo, Spain with El Corte Ingles and T-Mobile in Eastern Europe. We have learnt a lot about working in these places and understand the different cultures and how to overcome challenges UK businesses are typically afraid of.

Our vision is to build a better connected digital world for consumers and businesses using our technology to deliver best in class omnichannel commerce.

On the back of the UK hosting the most successful Olympics in living memory we’re very proud to fly the flag for UK Plc in Brazil to show how we can help them host a successful World Cup and Olympics using all of our digital expertise and IP, and of course export UK expertise to new markets.

We’re working with some of the world’s best known brands such as Tesco, El Corte Ingles and Ahold. They all command the respect and attention of retail companies all over the world who are trying to get ahead with multichannel ecommerce.”

Simon Evans, Copywriter and Technical Author

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